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Sitting here reflecting on the events that occurred this weekend. I am in awe. Everything played together perfectly like it was meant to be. Like pieces in a puzzle. The morning started with some pre concert shopping to get the perfect outfit together. Then it was off to the nail salon. Emma got her first manicure and LOVED it. She chose pink with lots of glitter. The day quickly passed, and it was time to go to the venue. When we arrived, we were greeted by the most amazing man, Jeff Davis. Jeff is the one who arranged this entire thing. What an amazing man Jeff is. We had to wait for our entire group to get together before we could go meet taylor. Emma was dancing and twirling to pass the time in the lobby. Then, it was time to go. We walked into the arena and waited in line. As we waited, we met two amazing Make-A-Wish families. Then we went into “CLUB RED” and waited to see Taylor. The room was beautiful, with her dresses along the walls, candy, a photo booth, and candles. We walked into the curtain where taylor was and Emma’s face lit up. She gave Taylor the BIGGEST hug ever, and Emma was beaming with excitement. Taylor said “Well hello gorgeous!” Emma told Taylor her favorite song was “Never Ever Getting Back Together” and Taylor told Emma that she would play it just for her tonight. Emma’s big blue eyes beamed with excitement. Then Taylor told Emma how beautiful she is. We gave Taylor two of our “Awareness for Emma” wristbands, and she put them on right away. Emma told her that they were for her disease, Fanconi Anemia. To be honest the moments were surreal, and I can not remember all of the words that were exchanged. Then Taylor told us she was so happy that we were able to be here for the show tonight to watch her perform. Then Emma asked her quietly, “Can I dance with you on stage?” Taylor answered, “well maybe not on stage, but I can pick you up and spin you around and we can take a picture together, is that ok?” She picked Emma up, spun her around and they smiled for a picture. We told her good luck and walked out. Emma was floating on cloud nine, she could hardly even talk. Taylor is such a beautiful person. She TRULY cares about her fans. I could tell by the way she talked to Emma. I could tell by the sweet smile that warmed our hearts. She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold. I know frequently people bash her for her relationships, but if you spent one minute with this woman, you would know how beautiful she really is, both inside and out. She didn’t do this for publicity. She did this out of the kindness of her heart. We found our seats, and they were front row and center. So close that we could touch Taylor. Emma, being who she is, quickly made friends. We met one girl, Hadley, and her beautiful Momma. They were right next to us and added so much to our night. We also met some other amazing girls. A few of the girls sitting near us told us they follow Emma’s page and were so happy to see her there. Emma took some pictures with them and then we all waited with hopeful anticipation for taylor to come on. Jeff came by again to make sure everything was ok and our seats were ok. He asked if they were to close, which would make it hard to see. This made me laugh. We would have been happy in the top of the arena where we needed binoculars to see Taylor. We were just so blessed to be in that room on that magical night. Taylor came out and started singing. She was radiant and beautiful. Later on in the show, she threw her hat out into the audience. A few minutes later a girl came over and told us that she wanted Emma to have it. It was so sweet. Emma was singing and dancing the night away with her new friends. During the song “Sparks Fly” as taylor was dancing around, she stopped singing and came right over to us. She PICKED EMMA UP OUT OF THE AUDIENCE and TOOK HER ON STAGE! Emma was wonderstruck. She just stood there smiling and waiving to the audience. Taylor kept trying to hug Emma, but she just kept on waving. It was adorable. Make sure to watch the video if you have not yet. That sweet Taylor did it again, taking us all back and showing the world that amazing people can do amazing things. At the end of the show Emma felt like a celebrity because everyone recognized her and told her how beautiful she looked and wanted a picture with her. She told me she felt so special and so lucky tonight. All because of one magnificent young woman who uses her fame for good. Emma was able to forget about her pain and suffering for a night and just be a kid. Something most children take for granted. Something we all took for granted until we found ourselves being forced into this world of childhood sickness. Throughout this journey we are so blessed to see the best of people. In a world of pain, violence, and crime, people continually see the beauty of humanity shine through.

Jeff, Taylor, and Tanner, thank you for making this night so beautiful for our sweet warrior princess. To the 14,000 screaming fans in the stands with us, thank you for helping Emma forget about the pain. Thank you for helping her to feel special. Thank you for a magical night we will never forget. (via handhearts13)
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